Vaudeville Hippie OOAK Art Textile Hare Dolls

You may not know this, but hares have a long-standing tradition with mythology. Therefore, this fact makes hares fascinating and inspirational creatures.

Spring Hare

This shy hare was the first hare doll to be created in my hare doll collection.

Meadow May

Meadow May is a real hippie chick and loves going to music festivals in the summer months.  She makes all her own clothes, the more tassels the better!  Meadow runs a small face painting stall, which allows her to attend all these festivals.

Litter of Leverets


Petal is the youngest baby hare out of the group, making her the most innocent leveret out of the four. She has a tendency to run off and hide for hours so be warned if you decide to adopt because her sisters have spent much time searching for her!


Violet is the most active baby hare out of the group and can be normally found leaping, running and playing through the undergrowth. She is strong and protects the other leverets in the litter.


Rosie is the shyest baby hare out of the group and can be normally found hidden and curled up in flower petals, asleep or resting. She is quiet and thoughtful, so all the other leverets come to her for advice.


Blossom is the oldest baby hare out of the group. She is the most developed leveret, making her the most confident, with her wide open eyes. She isn’t afraid to tell off her sisters when they get tough rough when playing.