Vaudeville Hippie Dolls ‘The Crow’s Secret’, A Family of Crows Winter Collection

Crow Inspired OOAK Art Dolls

A Family of Crows

This family of crows live in Vaudeville Manor, set deep in the Dorset countryside. Crows are well known for their intelligence and this family is no different. Each family member carries a personal secret.  Hence, ‘The Crow’s Secret’.  These secrets will be slowly revealed as their story develops.

The Vaudehip Family

Lord Charles Vaudehip is currently away on business in the big city.  Leaving the rest of ‘his girls’ to manage their large estate of Vaudeville Manor.

Raven Star Vaudehip is married to Charles and the mother of their two daughters, Aster and Layla.  Elegant and petite, Mrs Vaudevip keeps up with the latest fashions.

Aster is the oldest child.  She is quiet and thoughtful.  Aster values the natural world, which is strongly linked to her spirituality. She has recently joined a coven to learn about witchcraft and casting spells.

Layla is nothing like her older sister and is a bit of a wild child.  She has a rebellious nature cannot wait to leave Vaudeville Manor for the bright lights of the city.