Practise Cone Poi for a Beautiful Flow Arts Experience

Sock Poi and Handled Poi

Poi by Vaudeville Hippie

Vaudeville Hippie is passionate about the flow arts.   Experienced spinners have designed and made two different styles of poi.   Up-cycled and new fabrics’ are used to create a ‘one of a kind’ design.  As a result any keen poi spinner can purchase a unique set of poi.

Watch our poi video here in action.

Cone Poi

This classic cone design is suitable for all levels including  beginners.  Simply wrap the fabric tether around your fingers or tie it in a knot to form a handle.

Double  Finger Loop Handles

In addition to finger loops, ball bearing swivels allow the poi to spin freely from handles.  Ideal for advanced moves and tricks such as orbitals.

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