Poi Shop 

Thank you for visiting the Vaudeville Hippie shop.  We offer a selection of poi styles that have been handmade by experienced poi spinners. Our shop is currently under construction.   So please come and visit us again because we are constantly adding new lines.

Our Handmade Poi

Most of our poi are made from recycled or up-cycled materials.  We try to use cotton sheeting fabric which is less springy than some of the other lycra sock poi on the market. Less spring can help to learn tricks like stalls and other moves that require the poi to look ‘rigid’. 

The labels and handles are printed by hand using fabric off-cuts.  My mission is to move towards a poi product that generates as little waste as possible.

We currently make two styles of poi. Simple ‘sock poi’ and ‘double finger-loop’ poi with swivel handles.

Our simple sock poi are slightly longer to allow the tether to be knotted or wrapped around the fingers. Spinners choice!

In contrast, our double finger-loop swivel handle poi provide more option when learning tricks. The swivel ball bearing provides additional movement to the poi.

Our Poi In Action

Poi Shop

For more information about each poi product, shipping costs and payment processing, please click on the photo of the poi set you interested in.  This will take you to our Etsy shop for our full range of poi and the Vaudeville Hippie checkout. 

Vaudeville Hippie Poi Shop one of a kind poi
Yellow Polka Dot Cone Poi with Handles and Balls
Vaudeville Hippie Poi Shop one of a kind poi
Yellow Polka Dot Cone Poi with Handles, Empty Poi Set, £25.00

Practice Poi by Vaudeville Hippie
Yellow Circus Striped Cone Poi with Handles, Empty Poi set, £25.00