About Vaudeville HippieAbout Vaudeville Hippie.

Hello and welcome to Vaudeville Hippie.   I am Sally Blood, a doll maker, textile artist and crafter.  My inspiration comes from my interest in festival circus skills.  A deep love and fascination for nature compliment this. Both topics are equally colourful, full of detail and secrets, telling us many stories as the seasons’ change.

This is the place where I will share my own handmade gifts, art and craft, alongside my favourite finds on the internet.


Vaudeville Hippie was set up in 2013 by Steve, my partner, and I.  It is an alter ego if you like and at the time, perfectly summed up our joint interest of vaudeville entertainment with the hippie festival aesthetic.

Therefore, we have focused on creating a range of handmade gifts and accessories for all the boho hippies at heart.  This includes boho jewellery, tote bags, hats and wallets.


Art and DollmakingHandmade OOAK Art Textile Doll by VHippie Dolls

Even in the early days of Vaudeville Hippie, I had a burning ambition to make dolls.  Incorporating the human figure was a recurring theme in my earlier work when I studied Contemporary Textile Practise for my degree.  The course really suited my diverse interest in artistic disciplines. This enabled me to explore a different variety of materials, colours, textures and techniques.  With this in mind, it seemed a natural progression to become a doll maker.

However, it was not until 2015 when I started to take doll-making seriously.  To develop my skills, I created a range of cloth dolls for friends and family. By 2016 I was beginning to explore and create my own style of textile art dolls.

Vaudeville Manor

Now in 2018, I am embarking on a new projected titled ‘Vaudeville Manor’.  This is the story that sets the scene for my doll characters.  I look forward to sharing this story over the coming months.

Misson Statement

My aim is to explore the world with childlike wonder, taking inspiration from the whimsy and bright colours of the big top, as the circus rolls into town. Embracing all its heritage of vaudeville entertainment and subsequent genres that followed afterwards.

To combine this style with the beauty of nature, share this passion and to encourage others to reconnect and appreciate the natural world once more.